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"Uhm… D-did y’know that if y’lick a lamp post in winter, nuttin’ gon’ happen? Well. ‘Cept maybe the tongue gettin’ stuck. But. Yea. Yeeeaaaaaahhhh" oh look, a bird in the sky to distract from bare skin and awkward conversation starters


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I made a short presentation on why you should watch Mononoke, the 2007 animated series produced by Toei Animation and directed by Nakamura Kenji. Listed as occult detective, it follows the mysterious Medicine seller as he solves various cases involving the supernatural. It is also the best anime series ever if you ask me.

Also, I can not emphasize this enough - Mononoke has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the Ghibli classic Princess Mononoke. Like seriously, apart from having the same word in the name, these two things are entirely separate.




*Deep Voice* Aoba


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Well it happened. I hit 350 followers recently, so this is long overdue. I’ve never really done one of these before, and I know I’m probably going to leave some people off, but at the same time, I hope I hit all the people I need. Please note none of these are in any particular order.

So without further adieu, here’s my follow-forever on this blog:

                                                          α ƒяιєη∂ ƒσя ℓιƒє

sonoficeandfire - Rae. I’ve known you on many different blogs, and met you in the Magi fandom, and you helped me transition into this fandom. You gave me wonderful people to rp with, and I can’t believe I’ve made some wonderful friends here. I’ll always consider you one of my closest friends, even if you aren’t as active as before. Still, thank you so much.

orderbeforevirtue - Dejah, I can never remember your personal until it pops up on my dash, but still… you’re another person that helped me into the fandom, and you welcomed me with open arms. You made the transition so easy and comfortable, I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful a person you are. I know you’re in the Haikyuu! fandom as well, and I would still love to interact with you… you’re truthfully one of my closest friends as well.

custodis-excolo - RUNA! This is my Runa-Bae. I’ve known her since the Magi fandom before this one and I absolutely adore her to no end. Seriously. She takes a canon character and adds a level of depth to them I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pull off. Mad respect for you, Runa!

princeofazure - Delia, I know you aren’t as active in the fandom because of school, but you were also an integral part of my transition to the Koei fandom, and someone I can always feel comfortable talking to. I really miss you and hope that the weather will be kind enough to your muse, and await your eventual return, no matter how long it takes. You’ll always be my big brother.

filialdecree - Elle. What is there to say about big-sister Elle? The way you depict Cao Ang is both interesting, and realistic, and sometimes I feel so overjoyed when you pop up on my dash, or on Line/Skype. I always love talking to you and Mark, and can never seem to get enough…

arcanetempest Speaking of Mark, If you thought I wasn’t going to put you two together, you’re dead wrong. Seriously, you’re like… Bread and Butter, a tasty combination that everyone knows is a staple. From your Magoichi, to your Guo Jia, you always amaze me at the variety of characters you can play as. I see you like a big brother most of the time. Keep on being you!

lxyalmarquis - Mishii, what is there to say about you? There really isn’t much I haven’t already said to you directly, but I’m going to repeat some of it here. You’re amazing, and a wonderful person. You make me laugh, and you’ve reassured me through one of my darker moments on Tumblr. I can never ask for a better sex-addict to be my uncle. <3

thewrathofheaven - Jess, I have to have you here too. You’ve basically become my canon Papa Cao, and you do so well with him, and Ma Dai, and your other blogs. I cannot thank you and Jess enough for just dealing with my antics, and being there, and all the fun times we had, and will have. And on the same note, Gotta love the RFI Papa. You go out and inspect all of them. I’m looking forward to the day Mishii, you, and I can cosplay as the original three next year more than you both know. Again, thank you for sticking by me.

butterflyofthebattlefield - Jeanne. Another of the original people to welcome me to the fandom back in January. Can you believe I’ve been here that long? That I’ve known you for that long? Eight Months. That’s a long time. Either way, I always love interacting with your Zhang He, and just talking to you in general. While we may have been a bit distant at times, I feel like we’ve been going strong still. I can’t wait to interact with you more, both in character and out of character.

itssimayi Can’t forget you, Shay. You were one of my first followers, and since then, we’ve become close friends to the point that we’re borderline best-friends. We’ve seen so much together, and dealt with so much as well, it’s almost surprising. Who knew our interactions with Sima Yi and Sinbad would have ever brought us to this level of closeness that I don’t feel intimidated to go into your askbox and just be like ‘SURPRISE BITCH! I LOVE YA!’ and we both will do it to each other. Seriously… who would have thought? I’m glad that it did happen, though. Really glad. I’ll never forget that.

armoureddevotion - Leo, you are legit like my other half to my OTP with Mei. I remember how we used to not interact with each other, until you changed blogs, and from there, our characters just hit it off. Really, it was such a surprise, and the way they developed and they grew… It’s one of the things I look forward to fully developing and carrying out. I can’t wait until we can continue on with the development, and eventually share our headcanons concerning this couple.

                                                  ᴛʜᴏsᴇ ᴏf ᴛʜᴇ sᴀᴍᴇ fʟᴏᴄᴋ

The members of the Koei fandom that I’ve come to adore. I would’ve written each of you a small paragraph, but I feel that would be mute. You all know how I feel about you guys, and I hope we only become better friends.

| guanpingofshu | this-sworn-lullaby | strategicambitions | sonhakufu | divinedestroyer | foxofushu | silencedoblivion | caoanmin | machinegunminister | pessimisticstrategist | marquissu | hallucinogenic—philospher | savageorchids | auspiciousjade |

                                                 Thőśé őf dífféŕéńt bĺőőd

People not of the Koei Fandom that I just love to see on my dash, whether we’ve interacted already or not… some are from my previous fandom.

| timeless-encounters | sinbad-no-ousama | lacky-scum | freckles-blog | lionbornstoryteller | fuerzavital | expatriot-badr | expatriots-wife | professor-goodwitch | bararaq-serpentes | definitelynotaprotagonist​ |

And those are what I can think of. I know there’s people missing… I know there is… but for now, I’m satisfied, very much so.

Thank you for putting up with me, and hopefully I get to talk to all of you more!

((ooc: That’s it. That’s me and one of my BFFs.))



petition for australia to host a winter olympic games